Request: I want a box which converts from HDMI or VGA to Component 480p without introducing noticeable lag.

Additional information which describes my situation:

I have a decent "Flat Glass" CRT SD TV which I believe supports 480p Component Input. I recall playing SOCOM II on PS2 with component cables and enabling that mode. Anyway, I have some older computers and laptops, and looking to use this old TV as a monitor for emulation.

I'm looking for a device or solution which would add minimal lag since I'm planning to do some GBA/SNES Emulation. I'm open to outputting VGA from my laptop and converting that instead. Sound isn't an issue, as I can just use the mini-jack for that. Also, if important, I'm planning to use a Debian Linux based system, probably a version of Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance for any hardware ideas or solutions.


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I do not know everything there is to know about video signals, but given that your TV probably only takes analog inputs, I'm going to suggest the White PC VGA to AV TV RCA S-Video Converter Switch Box Adapter here. Not only is this cheaper than HDMI alternatives, it has a better chance (in my imperfect opinion) of having less latency, because converting VGA to RCA signal is a totally analog process and so (I'm guessing) much simpler to do. I also like that you can power it from a USB port; a nice bonus feature that makes the whole setup a little less byzantine.

There are HDMI to VGA/3.5mm converter boxes out there, but the ones I could find mentioned ~1s latency, which I would find unacceptable for gaming.

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