The razer blade stealth supports connecting 16x PCIe graphics card through the USB-C port with external graphics card bays such as the razer core. I'm looking for a PCIe bay (through the usb-c port) so that I can plug in a network interface card, to give my laptop a high-speed connection to a NAS. Does such a thing exist? It would only need to have 4 lanes, would not need to have the power cables necessary for a desktop graphics card, and would be cheaper than the razer core ($500).

  • AFAIK, the razer core is the only external PCIe dock right now. If you need 10Gbps, then you'll have to wait a bit longer for other vendors and if you don't there are alreay 1Gbps docks for USB-C (IIRC).
    – SEJPM
    Sep 20 '16 at 11:59

While I know of no USB-C PCIe expansion-chassises¹, there are several Thunderbolt 3 options. In addition to the mentioned Razer Core² ($US 500, 1×PCIe x16, 500W PSU), I looked into these two products when building my Macbook Pro Thunderbolt 3 eGPU solution:

(There's also a huge number of Thunderbolt 2 PCIe expansion-chassis products, but those are almost certainly irrelevant to your needs.)

Of crucial note when researching this, be aware that the only differences in the above boxes are the length of the connectable card, and the bus-power provided by the PCIe slot. Although some may advertise “PCIe x16” slots, the Thunderbolt protocol limits the PCIe connection to x4 data-lanes, thus reducing every available expansion-chassis to approximately the same specifications, when it comes to the speed of the connection. (That said, every single one should easily support even a 10GigE networking card.) The only material differences are the cost, the size of the box, and the included PSU.

  1. Having a ‘USB-C PCIe expansion chassis’ would imply a different, non-Thunderbolt proprietary protocol wrapping the PCIe communication into a USB-C ‘Alternate Mode’, which I can't see anybody bothering to do when Thunderbolt 3 exists; so the question as-asked is unanswerable.

  2. I can also personally vouch for the Razer Core, as I love mine; and it comes very close to maxing out the performance of the absolute beast of a video-card I use in it.

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