So I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S which has a single usb type c port. I also bought a usb c hub so I could connect it to an external monitor via hdmi. I also wanted to be able to boot into linux via flash drive, so I bought a usb c flash drive.

Then when I got everything I realized I couldn't plugin the flash drive and the hub at the same time. The hub appeared to have a usb type c port, but this port appears to only allow me to provide input power and even if it did work as a port I still would need two usb type c ports one for the flash drive and one for power.

I figured I just needed to buy a different usb hub with usb type c ports instead of type a ports... but I can't seem to find a usb type c hub that additional type c ports! They all appear to have female type A ports some with a power pass through and some without but none of them seem to have additional type c ports.

Is there a type C hub that will connect to the Tab Pro S, and will allow me to connect both the external monitor via HDMI and the flash drive at the same time?

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There are USB 3 Type A male to USB Type C female adapters which allows me to plug in my flash disk at the same time.


In retrospect maybe I should have gotten a usb c male to usb type a female adapter and just use one of my existing flash drives instead of buying a type c flash disk.


  • Of course your flash drive will work at the lower USB 3.0 speed (5 Gbit/s), and not at the USB 3.1/C one (10 Gbit/s).
    – Pietro
    Commented Mar 30, 2019 at 23:41

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