In order to build a vending machine, using Multi Drop Bus protocol, I need a board which will support a full 9 data-bit UART (with no bit stuffing, or tricks with the parity bit).

I also need a few GPIO for driving motors, and the ability to connect an LED dispaly.

Nice to have:

  • also supporting WiFi
  • supporting Linux
  • large user support community
  • good IDE
  • programmable in C
  • cheap

The 9 bit UART should preferably be on-board, but a simple add-on, such as an Arduino shield, would be acceptable.

I have seen a lot of purported solutions using bit-banging, but would rather do it properly, as any problems with bit-banging would not be much fun to debug.

[Update] Two years after originally posting, I wonder if anything new has appeared on the scene in the interim? Perhaps the idea of a shield/hat is the way to go?


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