I'm looking for a wired Xinput compatible controller that has vibration support and the same layout as the PlayStation. Basically the Logitech F310 with vibration. I know there was an F510 but I can't find it anywhere anymore for a reasonable price so I'm lead to believe that it's already phased out. It would have been the perfect one. I don't want the F710 because I don't want to worry about battery so I'd like if it's wired.

  • Have you taken a look at the Thrustmaster series of products? They are a known name and have products that have the layout and featureset you want. Not sure which to recommend specifically because I don't have very much experience with standard game controllers. I moved on to the Steam Controller and have been extremely happy with it. – Adam Wykes Aug 15 '16 at 0:49
  • Is price a concern? You can use an actual Playstation 4 controller with the PC. If a game doesn't support the PS4 controller natively you can still trick Windows into seeing it as an xinput device with third-party software. You can also use a PS3 controller wired with a USB cable that way. – Romen Apr 20 '20 at 13:36

Logitech has a couple of close alternatives:

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