I want this card to be able to handle anything I throw at it. I handle multiple file types through the Adobe CC (video, audio, rasterized, vector, and library) simultaneously and have to support 3 monitors. I've already tried the "Sapphire Radeon NITRO R9 390 8GB GDDR5" but I couldn't get it to work without having to jump through hoops I didn't feel confident in jumping through. Any suggestions?

Here's the specification for the computer


I recommend the AMD FirePro W7100 Professional Graphics Card.

  • It supports 4 monitors
  • It has 8gb DDR5 vRAM
  • Since it is not made by an OEM we can expect it to conform to AMD spec that hackintosh is relying on in order for it to work
  • It is rated for less than 150W TDP, so it fits within the 300W envelope your Mac Pro is rated for - you could even have two of them
  • Since it is a pro card it is particularly suited to the type of work you are doing and is very stable and well-supported compared to gaming cards like the R9 390
  • It is not hideously expensive compared to other, better FirePro cards available
  • It is relatively new, so you shouldn't miss out on any newer features like VCE

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