This Wikipedia page mentions about Intel SDKs; single board computers that contained Intel microprocessors.

I would like to own one of those SDKs but I doubt that they are still in production. So, I am looking for something similar to Intel SDKs. The kit must:

  • Feature a microprocessor. Not a microcontroller.
  • Preferably contains an x86 microprocessor. But this is not a must.
  • The less integrated functionality, the better. (I.e, it is better to have discrete components for various functionality than to have a single component that does everything)

You're talking about the Edison. It is an Intel SBC with most functionality offloaded to breakout boards connecting to the Edison via a bus on its underside. Has a dual core 500mhz Atom processor by Intel onboard which is x86.

AFAIK they are still in production. The breakout board will probably cost you more than the SBC, though.

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