I don't want to pay for a monitored alarm system. I would just like to install some wireless motion sensors that, either directly or via a separate controller that uses the local wifi:

  1. Can be armed/disarmed from a smartphone
  2. Push alerts to registered smartphones when motion is detected while system is armed.

Does the D-LINK DCH-S150 (http://us.dlink.com/products/connected-home/wi-fi-motion-sensor/) suits you?

It's connected to your local wifi and registered onto your D-LINK account which leads to a control from the D-LINK app on your smartphone.


Not wanting to pay an ongoing monthly fee for either monitoring or cell service of alerts really limits the options here.

You can cobble together D-Link WiFi Motion Sensors (currently DCH-S150, about $40/apiece) and control them using IFTTT.com.

iSmartAlarm appears to be a step up, with a wireless hub that integrates a siren and the ability to link and control many devices: extra $30 motion sensors, $25 door/window sensors, cameras, and electrical switches.

Other "self-monitored" systems are built around cameras: E.g., Canary security devices are under $200 and each one includes full HD video as well as motion detection, humidity and temperature measurement, and a siren. Piper is similar, and Novi has a smoke detector built in to each ceiling-mount unit.

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