I would like to put two ssd drivess in my new PC. one with Windows 10 and the other with the latest Ubunbtu.

I tried this with my current setup without success, but I've also a RAID controller in my setup which is not helping ^^

Also I tried to plug some portable device and boot from usb, this works when you've installed the ubuntu ISO image on the harddrive, but I would like to have the installed system. Installing went fine, just booting not ^^ Hung up in some very creepy grub console o.O

However, this is a hardware platform, so I'm asking for mainboard (or some controller stuff?) recommendations fitting my needs with dual boot support.

I currently have a Dell Studio XPS 8100

  • My apologies for the delay, I tend to use the site during the daytime hours (at least daytime relative to myself). As far as what I want to know, what RAID controller are you using? I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to dual boot based on your setup, unless the RAID controller is a wonky one, but even then that shouldn't be too big of an issue. After you've booted into Ubuntu did you set the boot order? Near the bottom here under the heading "Changing the boot order" may be helpful. – INV3NT3D Jul 5 '16 at 12:08
  • If not, then a hardware change/omission may be necessary! PS: sorry for the double post. – INV3NT3D Jul 5 '16 at 12:08
  • This is probably just a grub configuration error, and or MBR issue. – cybernard Jul 6 '16 at 4:37
  • @Steviet I think my BIOS has no UEFI mode, but probably the new one will have. I did not want to overwrite the Windows Bootloader with Grub. And I thought when I am using a separate USB drive, with just one OS on it, I could achieve this. When pressing F8 on startup I can choose from which device to boot from. This is the point where booting from USB drive failed and grub console appeared. – Armin Jul 6 '16 at 14:24
  • @Armin for your idea of switch with the F8 key, you need to install each OS with only 1 drive connected. This is the simplest way. You can modify grub to point to windows and vice versus, but this is far from simple. – cybernard Jul 9 '16 at 3:58

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