Searching for a router, maybe a router/DSL modem hybrid that is a bit robust. I don´t care about speed; anything on the current market will suffice; but I´d like something that can take a few bumps without getting bruised.

I´m not talking about outdoor computing or industry requirements, although the Siemens Ruggedcom look like fine pieces of engineering. Does anybody have experience with these? Does the 1400 also have DSL connectivity? And what do they cost (in germany, if you can tell)?

I want a router that can take some changes in weather, voltage, amperage and will last a few years with all the network roadworks that go on these days (and will surely not subside). I.e.:

  • capacitors should have a good deal of tolerance to power surges
  • components should not be too tightly packed (good heat dissipation)
  • should not require active cooling

additional requirements:

  • MAC filter is a must-have
  • should have no problems to handle up to a dozen WLAN devices
  • Are there any routers for home/office use that allow taking a look at their innards?

nice to have (not required, but please mention if your recommended device has it)

  • VPN support: very nice
  • USB slot: nice (for a printer or network drive)
  • SIM slot: luxury
  • Have you considered getting a UPS? (Uninterruptable Power Source) This will shield any device behind it from power fluctuation, and if they get to bad it will run on battery for a few minutes until the condition improve. – cybernard Jul 9 '16 at 15:21
  • @cybernard: I already got a shielding power plug, now also plugged the ethernet cable through it.But thanks for the idea; it will be a first step for my colleagues. – Titus Jul 9 '16 at 15:41

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