I'm looking for small fanless mini PC to install Linux and use it on my desk with the following features:

  • Linux compatible,
  • Intel i5/i7 or Xeon family (not Atom),
  • should be silent (no any fans),
  • budget up to £1000/1500USD,
  • available to order in EU,
  • standard features such as USB, networking, etc.

The more compute power it has (performance), the better.

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There is a IPC2 (Intense PC) mini PC (and similar) which comes with 4th/5th generation of Intel® Core™ i7 Processors and it is compatible with with Linux and Windows.

Please check the product page at fit-pc.com about IPC2.

There is also fit-PC4 which is based on AMD G-Series APU (3 times the performance of the previous fit-PC3).

It's available in Amazon (UK) or can be ordered directly from the CompuLab’s website.

For more details, check also the Wikipedia fit-PC page.

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    3 times performance of previous fit-pc3 still means crap when you realize pc3 has performance of your router.
    – Agent_L
    Commented Jun 22, 2016 at 12:08

Disclaimer: I am in no way involved with the company I am about to recommend, nor did I ever buy any of their systems. But I was considering to and have read good recensions about them in german IT magazines:



"no any fans" should be covered as they do not use fans neither on CPU, nor PSU nor the chassis. The configurations offered should be within your budget.

I also offer another link http://www.ichbinleise.de/ - a company I know nothing about, but they seem to offer the same products based on the same design principles.

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