I recently bought a Moto X (second gen) Android smartphone. It came with 16 GB inbuilt storage, but no SD card slot. I still have a lot of storage left, but I can imagine myself running out in the future.

I know that Android devices can use micro USB drives as storage. I plan to use a USB drive for long-term storage, if possible.

I have looked on the internet for suitable USB drives, however most of the devices I have found are designed for short term use (i.e. file transfer). None of these are useful since they all protrue out of the smartphone where they can be easily damaged in everyday usage.


  • Must interface via a micro-USB port
  • Must not protrude out from the device any more than 5(ish) millimeters (i.e. must be suitable for leaving in the device over the long term)
  • Must be at least 8 GB in size (but at least 16 is preferred)
  • Must be compatible with Android Lollipop (this should be any USB device anyway)

A USB device similar to what I am looking for, is the SanDisk Cruzer Fit, but it only plugs into standard USB ports.

  • While they may exist, you will likely have trouble finding these - neither the software architecture of Android nor a typical phone's USB OTG capability is really designed to do this on a lasting basis, so issues ranging from poor integration with the OS in general, to no clear way to integrate with power management in a lastingly viable way, to micro USB connectors not having room for a circuit board to actually fit inside the socket in the way that full size USB "A" connectors do will likely lead to a disappointing experience and hence a lack of lasting market. – Chris Stratton Jun 13 '16 at 8:13

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