I'm a programmer building my own Homeautomationsystem. I'm looking for some sort of tablet which I can mount to a wall and use to display information as well control things. The software I planed to use is a debian system + opera in fullscreen mode.

However I can not find any tablet which is (relatively) good looking, (relatively) fast and cheap. There are a lot of android tablet (starting at around 60€) which would suit, but I do not want to pay the overhead of Android, especially since all I need is a browser. Using a debian I could customize boot screens, tune for a really fast boot and so on.

What I need:

  • Some sort of Local Network (either LAN or WLAN, maybe using a USB adapter)
  • Touchscreen
  • Screen size (8" - 12")
  • Microphone and Speaker

Nice to have:

  • Front Camera
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth

Not needed:

  • Mobile networking (3G/4G)
  • Back Camera (since there is a wall anyway)
  • Large storage (8 - 16 GByte should be enough)
  • Fancy features (Fingerprint, etc)

Price should be as low as possible, because I need about 10 of these. I have no problem with soldering wires to USB connectors etc or do crazy software stunts to get it working if the tablet is cheap enough.

However is there a tablet which is known to be working with native Linux ? A industrial PC should be ok too but most of them are either really expensive, or lot awkward.

Thanks in advance.

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This RCA Tablet usually costs around US$35 at Walmart. Not sure how much it would cost in your country, but the price is much lower than the one you quoted, so maybe it is worth a look.

Its features:

  • 7" screen
  • Front camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Works with OTG adapter + USB LAN adapter (I tested it).
  • 16GB storage + SD card
  • Crazy cheap
  • Works pretty well for the price

I couldn't find anyone trying Linux on it, but it has an Intel Atom processor, so it is probably easier than an custom ARM processor.

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