Maybe this isn't the best question to ask, but I am looking for recommendations.

I'm looking for a good general use laptop that needs to run Quickbooks and MS Office. I'd like at least an i5 Intel proc, 8 GB of RAM, SSD would be nice but HDD is fine, and the kicker: 17.3" screen. I'd like it to be priced around $1000 USD.

I've been browsing the major manufacturer sites (Dell, HP, Lenovo) but I haven't really found the best deal. I have seen a couple that would fit, but I'd like some recommendations or alternatives.

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Before buying an ASUS laptop, please read this first. -Thanks ArtOfCode for pointing this out.

ASUS makes good general use Laptops. I've owned an ASUS laptop a couple generations older than this one and had no issues other than the battery life left a lot to be desired.

Keyboard feels very solid (similar to a MacBook Pro). Trackpad could be a little better but worked quite well. Solid USB other connections. Not wiggly.

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