My goal is to develop an interactive kiosk with only touchscreen available to visitors for a local museum. I must admit that I'm a freshman in this part of hardware world, but I really like the sound of this challenge, so I need to get some info/advice first about kiosk's components.

Regarding to the software part, I'm going to use an Arch Linux OS and develop my own kiosk software for the most minimalistic framework possible. I opt for making an app based on WebGL (because I believe this is my forte), so WebGL Hardware Acceleration must be supported by GPU. In case WebGL would be too heavy, my emergency plan is to build a good HTML site or a standalone Java app (which could be the hardest way, but more efficient).

So now about the hardware: The first thing that interests me the most are touchscreens - is there a special type of them, i.e. industrial ones, that are appropriate for this purpose? Where to find them and which one would you recommend me?

The computer is covered here Choosing the right hardware for an interactive kiosk - computer

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    There is no problem with the question and is completely on-topic here. It asks about a computer which can be compatible with the given details. So, there's nothing wrong about it, and the question is not broad.
    – Dawny33
    Sep 21, 2015 at 9:50

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Yes, there are industrial grade touchscreens built exactly for this purpose. I can recommend something in this family. Or you can start your own search on big industrial supplier's sites like digikey or Allied Electronics.

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