I have a Lorex NVR and half a dozen of their 1080p PoE (Cat6) IP Cameras that are now over two years old. Image quality leaves something to be desired, and I'd like to get adjustable lenses so I can fine-tune the field of view. Features I care about:

  1. Best 1080p image quality (although the NVR is set to only record on each at 15fps)
  2. Best on-camera low-light illumination
  3. Zoom lens so I can manually adjust field-of-view
  4. Weather sealed

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The GW 2050IP seems to be a great buy. $112 and decreased price for bulk buys.

  • 1080p @ 2.0MP/30FPS (3.0MP/17FPS) — if you're willing to take a blow to FPS, 3-5 megapixels would do a lot of good.
  • Built for outdoor and indoor use
  • 42Pcs infrared LEDs for illumination (up to 130ft)
  • Optical zoom of 2.8-12mm — the downside here is that as focal length changes, focus changes with it

This model also includes remote connection via a mobile app and noise reduction among other nifty features.

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