Currently planning an new high-end PC with high-end graphics card, 4x hdd, etc...

Want 0dB (silent) even under the high load, so no vent noise even from the PSU. For me the easy solution is: putting the PC into the another adjacent room.

Now the question: Looking for a piece of hardware which should contain:

  • power & reset buttons
  • plenty of USB-2/3 connectors
  • at least one usb-c connector
  • 3x display-port connector

Because one picture worth 1000 words (and my english isn't the best anyway) here is one:

enter image description here

In short: Looking for a device (an extender) which will contain all of the connectors and buttons that the PC (in the another room) has. (distance approx. 3m).

  • Found solution ? – Azz Kawa Nov 28 '19 at 20:06

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