In $200 price range, should I be looking at cards from AMD or Nvidia?


In this price range you have a few options:

  1. From Nvidia: You really only have one option right now. Note if your going for Nvidia I highly recommend waiting for the new Pascal based GPUs.

    • The GTX 960. Although the link is to a Gigabyte card you are free to choose from any manufacturer.
  2. From AMD: You have a few options but by far the best is the following:

    • R9 380. AMD's top card in this price range. I'm a sucker for the STRIX branding but you can use whichever you would like.

In Conclusion

So those two are the clear winners in each category, but out of the two I cannot pose a clear winner. If you would like to see a nice head to head I recommend checking out this one here.

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