I have a Bluetooth Bluetake BT500 mouse and one of the buttons is going (the left one of course), the case has some wear, and I'd like a comparable replacement. It seems that the mouse is no longer in production, and I can't find a comparable replacement. This mouse was a good match for a UMPC, so we're talking technology from almost 10 years ago.

My current mouse still mostly works, but if I can't repair the left mouse button switch, I'll need a replacement.

Is there a comparably small and well built Bluetooth mouse suitable to be a UMPC/Netbook/Tablet companion?

Things I like(d) about the mouse:

  • Small
  • Easy to pair
  • Fit in a tacklebox (This happened to be dumb luck. I often store gadgets in tackleboxes to secure them in transit)
  • used AAA batteries (standard batteries)

Things I dislike(d) about the mouse:

  • Used AAA batteries (I had to carry extra batteries)
  • the battery cover latch got bent once and I could never get it quite right. It was a hard plastic and I was worried about breaking it
  • the left mouse button started to go flaky after a few months to a year of use

New features that I might like to see

  • built in rechargeable battery
  • built in battery can be swapped out for standard and/or replacement battery
  • above battery would use a USB cable and also double as USB HID mouse
  • comes with case
  • especially durable
  • presentation features (laser, forward, back, etc)
  • not expensive (< $50)

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