I'm going to buy a laptop for both gaming and coding (I already have a bigger, powerful PC for most of the games though, but I also want to play on the laptop).

I want something :

  • nice-looking
  • quick to boot (A SSD for the OS seems mandatory, or a hybrid drive)
  • A good battery life (3+ hours)
  • With an OS (W10)
  • Comfortable for long sessions of coding
  • Reliable in the long term

I don't mind about not having an optical drive.

Are there brands I should avoid ?


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I finally bought an Asus ROG G551JW-DM379T following the advices of my SysAdmin (Quoting : "Asus is GOOD").

  • It is not too flashy
  • Features an hybrid HDD (1Tb + 24Gb)
  • Windows 10
  • Good processor (Core i7) and graphics card (GeForce GTX960M)
  • Was quite "cheap" (980€, which allowed me to take some accessories with it)

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