While hubs can be found that adapt USB-C to many USB 3.0 ports, or to mDP etc., it seems there is no product out there that simply turns a single USB-C into two or more USB-C ports? Is there a fundamental reason why this would be impossible to do?


Belkin is selling a product (USB-C 4-Port Mini Hub) which meets your requirements:


  • USB-C


  • 2 x USB-C
  • 2 x USB-A

Additional info:

  • 5Gbps Data Transfer Speeds (shared)
  • Powered through USB-C host device
  • Tethered Type-C Cable for easy access
  • Ultra-portable / Slim design
  • Charge peripherals with 900mAh (shared)
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    this thing is huge - does anyone make a small simple 1 usb-c male to 2x usb-female?
    – niico
    Oct 30 '16 at 23:36
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    pass through which I believe yours has is very important
    – William
    Jan 28 '17 at 18:21
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    also it doesn't pass power through to the mac - so it's largely useless
    – niico
    Feb 10 '17 at 17:04

I suppose you mean an USB 3.1 hub with USB-C on both ends. Because the USB standard does not support splitters. It always needs a hub. USB charging/power cables are the exception.

Also USB-C refers to the port not the cable itself. For example you can have USB 3.1 cable (with type C connectors) or a Thunderbolt 3 cable.

Trust and Belkin have similar mini hubs:

Be aware, both hubs (Trust and Belkin) are USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 gbps) NOT Gen 2. So far I haven't seen a Gen 2 (10 gbps) hub

At the moment it is just to early. I can imagine that in the near future many USB 3.1 gen 2 hubs will come to market.

enter image description here

  • any update on the existence of Gen 2 hubs?
    – mb21
    Nov 7 '16 at 12:06
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    splitter = hub with 2 ports IMHO. It's just semantics. Can this pass power through usb-c - and could it be used to plug in the ASUS MB169C+ monitor whilst powering the 12" MacBook & monitor?
    – niico
    Feb 10 '17 at 17:06

Just because this thread is one of the top google search results for USB-C 3.1 (and USB-C 3.1 gen 2) splitters/hubs and Thunderbolt hubs I want to provide some products that I had to search for for a long, long time.

As Mumblic pointed out the availability for splitters are somewhat limited. I looked around a bit anyways and found a couple of products (hubs!) that:

  1. Feature Thunderbolt 3 Charging for at least one device
  2. Have additional USB ports (C and/or A, at least 3.0)
  3. Support at least one 60Hz 4k, mostly 60Hz 5k or 2x 4k Monitors and
  4. cost under 350 Bucks (urgh..)

Ordered by price (low => high):

  1. CalDigit TS3
  2. Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock
  4. Belkin 3 m Thunderbolt Express Dock

These products are still pretty expensive and for this question searching a USB-C Splitter they may be completely off topic, but given the possibilities they offer I think they may be worth the price.

I have not tested any of this products myself but there are some reviews online.


The answer would be no, there are no USB-C splitters in existence. Neither are there any USB-(insert connector style here) splitters.

USB cannot be split per se, but hubs can be used to connect multiple USB devices to one USB port.

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    Would it be possible to add just a power line to deliver additional power like the ones that come with external portable HDDs?
    – zuke
    May 30 '17 at 23:41
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    Thing is, when I search for USB-C hubs, all I get are USB-A hubs with a USB-C connection to a host. I only get USB-C hubs if I search “USB-C Splitter”. What do I have to search to find a USB-C hub that has no USB-A jacks?
    – binki
    Mar 16 '19 at 20:09
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    This does not answer the question. And I would argue that it is incorrect depending on what you interpret a “splitter” to be. The asker is obviously asking for a device that allows you to connect multiple USB-C devices to a single USB-C port.
    – Ryan
    Dec 30 '20 at 6:16
  • Ryan, I disagree. The answer makes clear some very useful info.
    – ttonon
    Jul 14 at 18:26

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