I know, that this theme (about long USB cables) was discussed many times on different resources, but my question still keeps uncovered.

The task is typical: my PC is in one room, my TV is in another. I want to play on my TV (by using joystick) or control my PC by using TV as monitor.

The distance between PC and TV about 8 meters. As you probably knows, USB cables has a distance limitation of 5 meters. I seen (and already ordered a pair) adapter USB - RJ45 - USB. But, unfortunately, I couldn't find this kind of an adapter that will support USB 2.0, only USB 1.1. Well, I found a few, but they costs too much - from 50$.

Then I found long USB cables which are called active (with IC on one of the ends), it looks as following


But there a lot of suggestions to not to use it with power consumable devices, only for something simple, like mouse. So, this doesn't fit my requirements.

Is there an active cable and active USB hub that I can use to span the distance of 8m?


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You're right: it'll work as long as the last hub will be a powered one. Remember that you have only 5 hops 5 meter cables which gives 20m tops (because last hop is from hub to USB keyboard/gamepad.

IMHO buying "active" cables is pointless, you'll be better of buying few regular, 4-port hubs and 5-meter cables.

But this all is unnecessary hassle: have you tried using wireless keyboard, mouse and joypad? They usually work very good over several meters and walls at home. If they don't, use one usb cable to position receiver better, this does the trick in most cases.

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