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I'm owning a desktop computer with a high-end (based on 2010) gaming monitor.
Of course, this monitor doesn't feature speakers.
This didn't bother me until now, but I'm now primarily using my (external) soundcard + headset on my custom docking station (i.e. two USB-Hubs) for my laptop and don't want to re-plug all this whenever I'm at the desktop.
Besides that there are other people using the desktop that occasionally need sound.

I'm looking for a soundbar to put below my monitor (much you'd do with a TV).

The mandatory requirements are:

  • Really low price (30€ or less preferably)
  • Relatively compact size (must not be larger than 57 x 18 cm (W x D))
  • Sound can be supplied from the PC (USB or 3.5mm audio jack)
  • Sound should be understandable (i.e. you can understand what people are talking in a show)
  • The soundbar must be only a single device (i.e. no additional bass)

Optional requirements:

  • The PSU (of the soundbar) should be internal
  • Good sound quality
  • High volume capacity
  • You should be able to place the monitor on-top of the soundbar

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If found this soundbar on Amazon - The 5ive® Bluetooth Soundbar

enter image description here

It's only 38cm, it has all USB, 3.5mm audio jack and bluetooth. It has it's own power supply and is priced around $40 USD or $35 €

I think this should fit the bill quite nicely.


What I'm proposing is a hack, involving two-sided scotch tape and splicing wires: DELL AS501 or AX510. They can be bough for as little as 5€ used or 10€ new. They're simple, one-piece analog devices with 3.5mm jack audio input and 5.5mm barrel plug 12V input.

Power supply can be a slight problem without compatible Dell monitor, but it's still relatively simple to either match a 12V/1A power supply (just watch the polarity) or to splice the cable and power it directly from some 12V source you already have (like your desktop PSU).

  • Fair warning: I posted a meta question about this type of answer. You may wish to weight in.
    – Andy
    Commented Feb 19, 2016 at 14:30
  • @Andy Thanks. Finding a suitable power brick is hardly a true DIY. As for the scotch tape - I think that's unavoidable, given there is no soundbar dedicated to OP's monitor.
    – Agent_L
    Commented Feb 20, 2016 at 18:33

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