I'm looking for internal fan controller which will meet my requirements:

  • internal (I want to put it inside my case)
  • set fan speeds based on GPU & CPU temperature
  • it has to control at least four 3-pin fans
  • price: under 50$

My proposition: NZXT GRID+V2

Is there any good alternative for NZXT GRID+V2 ? Maybe you can suggest some other cheaper/better solutions ?

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After no response I bought NZXT GRID+V2 and I can easily recommend this hardware to anyone looking for internal fan controller with many features.


I installed it in Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX with one 200 mm intake fan and three 140 mm exaust fans.

setup1 setup2

It is connected to motherboard through USB connector and to PSU (12V) with Molex 4-Pin connector.

CAM Software:

This is dedicated software for this fan controller which allows not only controling fans but also gives many options of monitoring hardware.

  • fan controller (it allows to customize curve of each fan speed according to GPU or CPU temprature)


  • system monitor (CPU,GPU,RAM,HDD,SSD,MOBO,NET)

monitor1 monitor2

  • FPS overlay (allow to put and customize overlay with FPS, CPU temprature and load, GPU temprature and load and other visible on screen)

overlay1 overlay2

Final conclusion:

I paid for NZXT GRID+ V2 $40 and I think it's absolutly worth this price. It is not only fan controller it is also really good system monitor and fps overlay. I can recommend it to anyone looking for internal fan controller.

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