Can anyone advise what the difference is between these two models? They appear to be the same price and the specs seem to be the same, so I was wondering which is the better model, if they arent exactly the same.

If there is a guide anywhere that I can read that explains why there are two different models with apparently the same specs and what those are, please let me know.

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2024-2025 OLED TV Buying Guide for Europe/Australia/Asia

"1 - 55 & 65 inch Gallery OLED models have two sub models in EU

LW = NO STAND in Box | LS = has a Stand in the box

Ex. LG OLED55G4xLW or LG OLED55G4xLS where x = regional variant/identifier.

Any number after the 4 on OLED models represents a regional model that the only difference may include: Speaker Wattage, Color of Bezel/Back, or Single vs Twin Tuner."

From Reddit

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