I bought a docking station with USB-C input but one of my computers has no USB-C port. Considering this docking station is compatible with 3 screens (2xHDMI+DP), 6 USB ports and PD of 100W, I imagine this input USB-C is quite powerful and requires a good setup.

My need is to connect this docking station to a PC with no USB-C and separated USB 3.0 + HDMI + DP ports for a 2 meters distance (6.56 feets). So, I think this PC does not support this docking in this way and the distance may be a problem.

What should I do ?

For now, my best option is to buy a PCI Express extension for USB-C with a 100w USB-C cable, but I am not sure this is enough. There is a risk I missed a requirement.

Is there any technology to connect my graphic card to this docking station ? (To support video games)

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If you have a USB 3.1 or 3.2 port then get an USB3 to USBC adaptor.

But if the system is old or does not have the ability to take a PCI express card you may need to swap the graphics card instead for the the extra monitors, and buy monitors with built in USB.

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