I need a pressure sensitive and multi touch capable device, be it a touch screen, tablet computer or graphic tablet.


  • Pressure sensitive
  • Multi touch
  • Operate with fingers (no pen or the like needed)
  • Size: at least 10'', bigger is better.
  • Operating System: Android or Linux in case of a tablet computer, Linux compatible in case of an external device (most USB devices are).
  • Low latency

Background: I want to experiment with microtonal scales and use it as a keyboard with adjustable layout. Pressure sensitivity is a substitute for velocity dynamics here. I would buy a lumatone isomorphic keyboard, if it weren't so crazy expensive.

Edit: I don't have a clear Budget. How much I am willing to spend very much depends on size and subjective attraction. So I appreciate options in all price categories. If it seems to be a really cool thing, I might spend 500$ but probably not more.



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