Serval people embed themselves in serval jobs, work, house chores, etc.

All of this has a great potential to

  • teach and learn

  • make others embed themselves and put them into a position to acquire, and tall into, using stuff, as examples, into teaching and learning

  • people want to make Android smatphone videos, video games, and console video games where you can project the game onto a television, or console, and interact with a joy stick (and there may be various versions of joy sticks or input mechanisms).

In order, to have access, to this series of activities, people need the following appareil:

An IoT (internet of things) head cover with mounted wireless camera mounted in position of the forehead.

The users can then review, the scenes, partitioning them into software-usable and reasoning aiding chunks, by connecting their computer or smatphone to the IoT camera (which, may also have a memory of it's own, or might just embed the videos onto the computer or smatphone memory via WiFi, using software to support this).

I was thinking it would be best to have a hood that was made of something like a scuba diving suit foam, and the equipment was, waterproof, and the hood was a little bit like those head apparels that can be envisioned on the heads of Lego person characters.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Where can I find such appareil, and such related software, and what is the related software?


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