I'm looking for a substitute for the discontinued Logitech K740. I've bought several over the years for these reasons, and I'm looking for something comparable:

  • Full-size US layout, 10-key, media keys
  • Corded
  • Key action - Logitech Perfectstroke
    • Good travel (not short)
    • Good tactility
    • Low force
    • Silent
  • Low profile/tilt, palm rest (easy on wrists)
  • Illumination
    • Key-cap letters lit in white
    • Nothing else (disablement is adequate)
  • Durable, rigid
  • Subdued color & design
  • ~$100 USD

It's a shame Logitech discontinued the K740, but nothing good lasts I guess. I'm currently using a Logitech MX Keys, which is tolerable if not for needing two USB ports: one for the RF dongle and one for (indefinite) power. They don't sell a corded version, and they weren't clever enough to make it also function over the charging connector, so here I am looking for another make and model. Thanks for your recommendations!


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