When I built my PC a year ago, I bought a really cheap case. It did not have USB 3.0 or audio on the front panel, and I regret it now. I already have new case fans for the thing, and it runs quietly, but I really do want a new case.

The case I want:

  • Black and/or red, to match the rest of the build
  • Has a case window on the side
  • Has support for 2 or more 5 and 1/2 inch drives
  • Has front facing USB 3.0 and Audio
  • Costs less than $60
  • Supports full ATX motherboard and Power Supply
  • Is large enough 12.5 inch graphics card
  • Has cable management at least somewhat in mind
  • Is wide enough to support the Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler
  • If a cover goes over the front of the case, the hinge must be on the right side
  • I do not need decent fans, as I have 4 red and very quiet corsair fans

  • Optional If possible, I would love support for USB type C, although my motherboard only has 3.0 headers, so an adapter would be needed


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Consider using the Enermax Ostrog. Although it does not meet the USB Type-C requirement (Which I honestly doubt that any case under $60 would have at this point), it does fufil your other requirements. I have personally used this case in the past, and I can say that it does indeed work well. On a side note, the side panel is essentially one huge window; which means weekly cleaning (At least I did). Great case that can be had at Frys for $44


It is hard to find case which meets all your requirements in this budget but I have two recommendations under $70:

  • Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-03 - $70 on newegg.com. It is black with red lighted fan in front panel and meets all your requirements without USB type C support. This case has quite good cable managment and good airflow.
  • Thermaltake Commander G41 - $65 + shipping on newegg.com. It also meets all your requirements without USB type C support. It has nice HDD and 5.25 mounting system and good amount of space for cable managment.

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