I am upgrading an old Lenovo ThinkCentre I got cheap of eBay (a ThinkCentre M72e SFF - i3-2120, 4GB, 240GB) and I desperately need to speed it up - a new CPU should do it. I have an old i7-2600 lying around, but with no cooler. What cooler can I get for this CPU that will fit in my case? It must be powerful, because I frequently put this machine under load.
- Must be air-cooled
- Must fit in my SFF case an on my motherboard
- It's cramped inside, and my GTX 1650 LP takes a bit of space, so it can't be intrusive around the CPU
- For anyone who doesn't know, it has a socket LGA1155

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    There are still a lot of 115x coolers out there, it shouldn't be too hard to find a low profile from maybe Noctua that fits your socket
    – Irsu85
    Feb 12 at 11:06

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This might be something that might work for you it's from Noctua, a little pricey but very low profile and efficient and should be more than enough for that cpu to keep it cool.


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