I'm inspecting NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050. According to the NVIDIA official web, this card has 8GB memory. However, some laptops that state have this card, also say it has 4 GB. For instance, HP Victus 15. I have inspected some of those NVIDIA itself advertises (see this list), and the same happens.

So does the RTX3050 have 4GB or 8 GB? If the mentioned card has 2 versions, is there any laptop finder that allows to specify how many graphic card's GB I want?

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The RTX 3050 mobile has either 4 GB or 6 GB of VRAM depending on your variant. The desktop version has 8 GB of VRAM. The 4 GB variant of the RTX 3050 mobile is also substantially slower.

It's fair to say Nvidia's graphics card marketing names suck. To make a long story short, laptop graphics cards and desktop graphics cards generally aren't the same—i.e. an RTX 3080 (desktop) is not the same chip as a RTX 3080 (laptop), and won't perform the same. Even if they were the same chip, modern GPUs are typically power and thermal limited; thus, in a laptop, any GPU can only perform as well as that laptop's cooling allows it. The TL;DR of this is that the only reliable benchmark for laptop GPU performance is... a benchmark of that specific laptop with that specific GPU. Which sucks, and is crazy confusing for consumers, but that's where we've ended up.

That said, we can at least get a vague benchmark by comparing what hardware is in each laptop; generally, the easiest way to do this is by looking at GPU chip code names, such as this Wikipedia table for the GeForce 30 series.

As you can see, the GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop always uses a GA107 chip (the same as some, but not all desktop RTX 3050s, but that's another can of worms.) However, where the desktop card comes with 8 GB of VRAM, the mobile version can come with either 4 GB of 6 GB of VRAM. Even more confusingly, the 4 GB version of the card is also a slower version of the GA107 chip, with fewer CUDA cores and stream processors. Eesh.

Anyways, all this to say: despite having the same name, they're not the same really. It's marketing. The best we can do is provide you with a more specific laptop recommendation, given your budget and your needs. If you can edit your post with this information, we can help you better.

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