I have been using Brother multifunction printers a for a long time. The latest one is MFC27700. Because it has a colour scanner and does reasonable black printing. And I have had a separate compact Fuji printer CP305.

After the last android update, the new mobiles can no longer print to the Fuji. The old ones can, because the app is already installed. And I had promised the MFC to the boys when they shifted out to a flat, which is happening now.

So, I am looking for combination laser printer/scanner for a home office

  • Must be natively networkable
  • Must scan in colour, at least 1200 dpi
  • Must print in colour (and black)
  • Must have separate black cartridge
  • Must do double sided printing
  • Only need A4 printing
  • Reasonable print speed, the CP305 is rated upto 23ppm, so no slower
  • Reasonable cost
  • Small footprint
  • Bonus if it can hold a ream of paper
  • 220-240V, don't want to use a separate transformer to step it down
  • I prefer known brands
  • Are you sure you want inkjet? How many sheets a month? Do you do full-colour photos, or just docs? Laser will last longer, more reliable, but not be as good on actual photos. I have this HP MFP M477fdw, which is no longer made [no clue where they got that price from, I paid less than £300] which I got in 2016 & have yet to use up the first cartridges. Any of the newer MFPs will be similar but with newer 'toys'; mine is Ethernet connected, new will be WiFi. HP all have one setup app - very convenient.
    – Tetsujin
    Commented Dec 9, 2023 at 7:57
  • I should have specified laser, I have added that in Commented Dec 9, 2023 at 8:30

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I'd suggest one of the HP LaserJets for small office/home office.

This link is for the UK, but I'm sure you can find the equivalent for your territory - https://www.hp.com/gb-en/shop/list.aspx?sel=PRN
Just select your price point & feature requirements on the left, until you arrive at the one most suitable.

My own HP MFP M477fdw is no longer made, but I've owned it since 2016 & have yet to finish the original toner cartridges. It has been 100% trouble-free over the past 7 years. Though I see prices listed at around £900, I paid less than 300 for mine, so hunt around.

Copy, scan, print; mine is Ethernet [although apparently it also has WiFi, I've never set it up]. Also fax, if anyone still needs that these days.

28ppm colour or black. The newer ones are even faster.
Document feeder for scanning, single- or double-sided.
Double-sided printing.

Toner cartridges are all separate - C, M, Y, K. The ones they supply with the printer are less full than the regular replacements - all the manufacturers seem to do that these days. My previous printer, a Samsung, came with full cartridges & when after 10 or 12 years they ran out, I just bought a new printer… cheaper than the cost of new cartridges.

HP have a one-size-fits-all setup app for Mac & Windows, so you don't need to go hunting for drivers. AirPrint, Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, USB & others are all available as options.


Based on @Tetsujin's advice, I have decided on HP Color LaserJet Enterprise MFP M480f. The resolution is not as high as I was hoping, but in NZ, the prices are stupid. This was $1399+GST.

After ordering it, I discovered there was no stock in NZ, delivery unknown. So I have bought Brother MFCL8690CDW Colour Laser Multifunction Printer for Business / Education / Medical Centre. This was much cheaper at $746+GST, and I very happy with it.

  • Nice one. Looks very similar to mine. UK prices down to about £550 on that, which Google reckons is about $1125 NZD. Direct price 650 or so, which is getting on towards parity. I guess prices have hiked a lot in 7 years.
    – Tetsujin
    Commented Dec 9, 2023 at 11:58

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