I have a GPS IRIG thing that has a BNC IRIG-B output, providing UTC time. I want to resuse this.

Can someone recommend a simple piece of hardware, either standalone as a complete pc/server or a pcie type card that installs into an existing computer, that accepts as BNC input (or adaptable) an IRIG-B signal which will then create an ntp server that windows 10/11 clients and domain servers (on a LAN) can point to to have accurate UTC time ? The network switch on my lan is a simple 1gbps rj45 port switch.

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We are looking for a similar solution but require a conversion from fiber IRIG to NTP. The Valient VCL-3086 IRIG-B to NTP Translator has both coax and fiber options, but I'm hoping to find someone who has had experience with the device before making the purchase. https://valiantcom.com/time-distribution/irig-b-ntp-time-server.html

I was quoted a cost of around $2600 per.

Your IRIG Timecode output has to support IRIG-B004 to be compatible with the device.

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