I will be travelling at the end of the month. I have hearing aids that are paired to the phone (Samsung Note 20). It gets uncomfortable with on the ear aids — with a cable and speaker inside the ear — and reading glasses, to then out on headphones on top.

I am wondering if there is something out there that could broadcast the airplanes movie sounds to my phone which could be resent to my hearing aids. I already have a mechanical adaptor for the airline connector to jack.

A bonus would be that I could use the same tech to transmit the TV sound to my ear (on my Phonak hearing aids) late at night.

The closes thing I can find is the AirFly SE. It wont send it to the phone, so I still have to use the headphone.

enter image description here

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I found this TV connector for my hearing aid. It may be of some help to others.|

Although it is meant for a TV, it has an audio jack to connect to any source. It has no power source inside so does require a USB power source.

One to many cables for my liking, but it works. The sound goes straight to my hearing aids. It bypasses the phone as well.

Phonak TV Connector for hearing aids.

enter image description here

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