I have a UMPC (ultra mobile PC) GPD Win 3 as Pictured below. My goal is to use this with a USB-c enabled monitor and get more than 2 hours out of it (I can only do this while using the battery's power). I want to provide power to the device while using the monitor at the same time. I believe a need a special docking device? I cannot find something that does this. I hope you'll excuse my use of images to explain the problem:

enter image description here Normally while "on the go" I can bring a Bluetooth keyboard and power the device. I could also use a generic USB-c to USB device to plug in multiple USB things.

enter image description here Using the dock I could use an HDMI conneciton and power the device at the same time. The problem here is that I'm using the wrong monitor.

enter image description here Connecting up the monitor and everything I want works except that the device is not powered. The power does not go through the monitor into the PC

There are devices (USB-c splitters) that look like this which only work for headphones and typically say that they are not for use with monitors: enter image description here

My question is what sort of device can I purchase to send power in to the PC while allowing a monitor connection to be made.

Graphically it would look like this: enter image description here

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Use a USB-C hub like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B49QYYCX that is specified for USB-PD pass through. You will plug this dock directly into your PC and then plug display, keyboard, and power into the dock. The USB splitter you showed is not in spec for USB and will work with very few devices.

enter image description here

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