About 4 or 5 times a year I need to use my laptop while travelling and I would like to carry a second screen. My current one is an old ASUS thing. It is fat and has split USB cable, which works only half the time because of its power requirements.

  • 15-18 inches
  • Light
  • Thin, not bulky
  • Not too pricey
  • Preferably HDMI pluggable into the laptop
  • Not a funny dual USB cable for power
  • Don't need touch screen

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I ended up buying this from Amazon

cocopar Portable Travel Monitor 15.6 Inch 1080P FHD USB-C Portable Screen with Dual USB-C Mini HDMI Portable Monitor for Laptop PC Mac Surface Xbox PS5 Switch, with Cover VESA Mountable

enter image description here

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