I want a fast, portable Linux system for development purposes; I need to be able to compile in parallel, preferably 16 cores, a Swedish keyboard, and 2-3 TB storage; I liked the following.


https://www.pcw.fr/ (but they don't seem to come with a Swedish keyboard)

Do you think I have many alternatives, or should I choose the slim book?

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So I would reccomend the Framework laptop, although it's not availible in Sweden (yet) or with Swedish keyboard layout (yet) although it is availible with multiple QWERTY layouts and with a clear layout. It has CPUs with up to 14 cores I think (on Intel 12th gen), has 2 RAM slots (each of which supporting 4-32GB RAM) and one SSD slot (which officially supports up to 4TB but I think you can technically do 8TB too). The ports are customizable and installing Linux is pretty easy. I use mine for developing too (although mine is 11th gen Intel) and I like it, although I also had to use keyboard stickers because when we ordered it they didn't have a Belgian keyboard layout yet (and that is the one I'm used to)

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