I'm looking to get a new keyboard (and a mouse, too). It'll likely be used for 5-8 hours a day for the foreseeable future, mainly for web browsing, programming, and gaming. I am mainly looking for something that will work well for gaming without necessarily having fancy features like macros and programmable backlighting.

The keyboard can be in a combo with a mouse, as long as the mouse fits this question.


  • Cheap (under $20-$30USD, depending on how many of my preferred features it meets)
  • Works with Windows 10
  • Not wireless (unless the batteries are going to last years on one charge)
  • Less than 19 inches wide (any larger and it won't fit)
  • Decent rollover (I can't exactly quantify this as I still haven't figured out exactly how rollover works, but as an example of "decent" I'd need it to register e.g. Shift, A, W, and Space at the same time)
  • Enough backlighting that I can distinguish the keys in low light conditions (this is the main problem with my current keyboard)

Preferred features

Listed in approximate order of importance

  • Relatively quiet (I'm often on the computer when the rest of the house is asleep, and I don't want to be annoying)
  • Any lighting can be turned on and off
  • Any lighting is green to go with my headset (really doesn't matter; I'm willing to pay like an extra $1 for this)

Not necessary

  • Extraneous features like macros, dynamic backlighting, etc.
  • A number pad (I do occasionally use my current one, but it takes up so much extra space... I still haven't decided whether or not it's worth it)

Things I have considered:

  • CM Storm Devastator: looks great except that it apparently has two-key rollover. I'm not sure exactly what that means, so I don't entirely know whether it would be good enough.
  • CM Storm Octane: good, but a little expensive, and I don't need the extra mouse buttons, dynamic lighting, or 19 key rollover
  • Logitech K120: definitely cheap enough, three-key rollover, but doesn't have backlighting.

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In this price range I would choose:

But if you can find additional funds I would recommend other keyboard and mouse:

  • Keyboard: Gigabyte Force K7 which costs arond $50
  • Mouse: Roccat Lua which week ago I saw in Amazon for $20 but now it costs $35.89 (maybe it will be on sale again)

Both mouse and keyboard have better parameters than CM set and they are absolute minimum for gaming. If you are not interested in better precision and reacion times then take CM set.

  • The CM Storm Devastator looks good enough! Commented Jan 15, 2016 at 15:10
  • Actually I just found something that said that the keyboard has 2-key rollover, which is unacceptable for me. Commented Jan 15, 2016 at 15:51
  • Apologies for my fickleness, but I did some more research and figured out that the rollover might be acceptable, but I can't tell if I haven't bought it yet. Commented Jan 15, 2016 at 22:09

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