About Kingston memory RAM for laptops

What is the difference between KVR16LS11/8WP and KVR16LS11/8?

What does 8WP stand for? What is better and why?

In the official page of Kingstone explicitly only exists the specs for KVR16LS11/8WP - but does not exist for KVR16LS11/8

The Search results for "KVR16LS11" shows many results, among them, only for the former and not for the latter

But on Amazon

appears two results about KVR16LS11/8 (they do not appear on Kingston as indicated) as follows:

and does not appear about KVR16LS11/8WP

I need upgrade two laptops and I found this situation

Observation: a Toshiba Satellite L845-SP4146KL was upgraded with KVR16LS11/8WP but on Amazon does not appear that model, only appears KVR16LS11/8


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