Budget: Under 100 USD.

Location: Nepal

Requirement: I want to charge my laptop twice.

Powerbanks are almost universally specified with Ah at 3.7V, so equivalently your laptop is the same as a 11350mAh @ 3.7V powerbank. To charge it twice, you'd need at least 22700mAh, plus around 10% to account for the loss during the charging process. So around 25000mAh is required.

Source: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/chat/how-big-mah-laptop-powerbank-should-i-buy-if-i-need-to-charge-my-laptop-twice/msg4786832/#msg4786832

Currently my battery lasts for 4-5 hrs but it'll degrade in the future, so I am asking for being able to charge twice.


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