I have an m1 macbook air base model (8gb ram & 256gb ssd) and another windows system with i5-8250u & 16gb ram & 512gb ssd.

The windows system display is 15.6” 16:9 full hd resolution, the m1 macbook air is 13.3” 16:10 @ 2.5k resolution.

The ram & ssd speeds are comparable for both machines (ie. they're equally fast).

Battery life is not a concern, they both last more than a full day.

I need to choose between one of these to embark on learning web development with the goal of building out some of my own projects thereafter.

I will also likely be dabbling into data analysis & ML/AI.

Using both is incredibly confusing for me lend up with my stuff all over the place. Which system should I go with, and why?


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