I have some embedded systems with RS-232 interfaces. But these days new computers with RS-232 interface seems quite rare, so I am wondering what alternatives might exist.

I know there are RS-232 to USB adapters, but I am wondering if there might exist a device that could be used without even needing a computer to plug it into.

Is there a device to which I can just hook up one USB keyboard and one monitor (through HDMI, DVI, or DisplayPort) and have it perform the function of a VT100 or similar?

I found a single chip device similar to what I am looking for. That device has PS/2 keyboard interface and analog video output. What I am looking for is however USB keyboard input and digital video output.

  • Although I must admit having no experience with them, have you considered using a Rapsberry Pi, together with a RS-232 expansion board? – OuzoPower Oct 1 '17 at 13:38

There is Serial to Bluetooth adapters, easily fond by using a search engine.

And with a Raspberry Pi, Max323 chip you can make a Serial to ethernet (WiFi or wire depending on Raspberry Pi version) device or just ssh into the Raspberry and run minicom from the console.

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