I'm looking for two kind of fans which I will mount in Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX (white). I'm looking for quitest fans meeting following requirements:

  1. First one (back out fan):
    - 140mm
    - black case
    - white proppeler
    - cold white led light
    - example fan: Phanteks PH-F140SP LED

  2. Second one (2 x top out fans):
    - 140mm
    - black case
    - white proppeler
    - example fan: Phanteks PH-F140XP

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Actually I found other solution which was much cheaper:

  • I resigned from using LED lighted fan because my case is lighted enough with LED stripes mounted inside it (thread about light in case).
  • I found used (half year on 6V) fans from NZXT Switch 810 which I bought for $5 each.
  • I connected it to motherboard via NZXT Grid+ V2 and set them to work only when GPU/CPU will reach temperature above 50 °C.

I'm really happy with this solution when computer is idle it's really quiet and when I start to stress my PC fans are working on RPM dependent to temperatures.

If anyone is intrested in this setup I can post some photos on the weekend.

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