I have the following hardware in my system with Raspberry Pi 4:

All that gives me a standby consumption (Pi + HDMI display) of 7W and a worst case consumption (with the miliohmmeter taking measurements) of 65W.

I am supplying all that with a BMS from Aliexpress https://pt.aliexpress.com/item/32783727347.html and 6x 21700 Lipo batteries, followed by a LM2576 to generate 5V. All that works.

Now, when the battery gets depleted my Raspberry Pi will shut down, but then it will try and reboot (without success) and the screen will blink (is this a result of the Pi trying to reboot?) multiple times (for as long as 8 hours), so:

What is a way of effectively cutting the power of my system so that it won't try to reboot when the battery goes below a certain voltage?


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