I am looking for a new laptop with this requirements. Along with the laptop that has been suggested to me in the linked question, I am checking the Dell XPS 13. First of all, any general comment on this laptop is appreciated!

My previous laptop is an ASUS Zenbook with i710510u, 16GB RAM and Geeforce MX250 GPU. I need similar performances (let's say not slower, anything faster is a plus).

On the new laptop I plan to run Ubuntu instead of Windows 11.

My question is: can the XPS 13 equipped with an i51230u, 16GB of RAM and Intel Iris Xe GPU have the same performances, or do I need to upgrade to the i71250u?

I also value quiet cooling and battery life a lot, so the low TDP of the i5 is a pro.

Coming to the RAM, are 16GB that much needed in place of 8GB? Unfortunately by adding 8GB I must also double the size of the SSD, leading to a substantial increase in price.



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