Yo there, nice to join this stack.!! I'm looking for a monitor to be used as a support one, when using many programs at the same time, use in different computers and finally to play movies while working.

It has been many years from the last time I used an external monitor, the last ones I got were using lamp tubes (fluorescent); I'm used to HP and LG ones (from the syncmaster series).

But nowadays, I can't tell who's better for me (i.e.: the most bang for your buck). I have the next prospects:

LG 24MP400-B
I don't gonna lie, the most appealing to me is the last lg, but I don't know if it does offer's a a relevant benefit over the others. I use the pc's all the day, so it's concerning my eyes.

Also, I was being told, a medium tv screen will do; but I'm not sure since these panels are not meant to be monitors and are intended to be showing pictures in motion.

Thanks a lot.


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