Not sure if this is the best site for this question, I couldn't find a better stack exchange site for my question.

I am somewhat new to AR headsets or AR eyeware or AR goggles. I am looking for the availability of one with the following features, in order to cater for development of accessible helping software and hardware for people with disabilities ad well as other users.

. An internal camera on the AR goggles, allowing the device to track eye movements. Disabled users that cannot use hands or feet can then use eyes to enter input according to eye movements, or to type according to eye position. Eyebrow positions can also be tracked via such device, without affecting comfort.

. A camera below the goggles tracks the position of the mouth and nose, so as to allow for further input for disabled users whom may only have their face they can move. These can enter inputs by moving the nose, mouth, and tongue.

Se Android's Project Activate for ideas about how this may work.

. A microphone for entering voice as input if possible, if the user can speak and is able to give voice commands.

Thank you for your feedback, and insight into what assistive technology can do in AR.



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