Is core i7 10th (10710U) gen 16gb ram with uhd graphics better or core i5 10th (10500H) gen 8gb ram with 4gb GTX 1650 for like pentesting and sone GTA 5 and csgo and call of duty asking for laptops like msi gf63 thin is core i5 and dell xps 13 7390 is i7?

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Since you are going to be gaming, a dedecated GPU is (almost) always better than none. If the i5 only has 8GB RAM, you do need to manually upgrade it to 16GB, because gaming on 8GB is a little tight (except light games like Minecraft and CSGO on Linux)


Agreed, Discrete GPU will be better for gaming, at least in this case. So its a toss up, either get better cpu with the i7 or better gpu with the i5.

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