My father is a 75yo retiree and an active photographer using photoshop,lightroom and some office tasks. Around 10 years ago we built a desktop with following specs which is now severely impacting performance:

Windows 7 Home Premium CPU: i7 - 8 core 2.8GHz RAM: 8GB, 1333MHz Motherboard: Intel MB, Model Nr, DP55WB Storage: Main OS C: 1TB 88% free Backup B: 2TB 97% free Data D: 2TB 0% free Verbatim (external) I: 2TB 18% free

My question, should we upgrade or replace with a budget of $1500 given that he will likely wind down activity of this nature within the next 10 years? He mightbe relatively old but still wants performance;) Any thoughts on target specs/components for this budget? Thank you

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    10 years is a long time in computer terms, But, if it has a mechanical hard drive for the OS, then a SSD (and probably another 8gb of Ram? (check the max commit)) could give it a new lease of life (Likely for under 100$). Personally, I would turn it into a NAS using TrueNas or Unraid and go for a new PC as you would need a new Motherboard, Processor, Power supply (and Graphics Card) if replacing parts, and that's most of the cost in a PC anyway.
    – Stax
    May 11 at 22:58
  • Editing your question to include what country you're in may help folks advising you. A good start might be pcpartpicker.com or pcbuilder.net to see what level machine is likely with $1500 (Also, running a userbenchmark.com test might help you identify the current bottleneck, and decide the balance between money spent on CPU and GPU, keeping in mind the photo editing usage.
    – Stax
    May 11 at 23:15


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